About Us

I am Shri Mithraa, the face behind Luna Calligraphy. I am a Modern Calligraphy artist based out of Southern India. What originally started out as a passion project a year ago has brought us here today! I was pursuing my masters last year when I embarked on this journey by attending a two-hour workshop myself in London, much like the ones I teach now. 

Every morning thereafter I would make myself a cup of filter coffee and practice my basic strokes and drills. This passion slowly progressed and soon I was carrying my supplies to cafes, countries I visited, taking pictures of my writing, and posting it on my calligraphy page. It was pure passion and I absolutely loved it! When I got back a friend suggested that I start teaching Modern Calligraphy through workshops and there has been no looking back ever since! 

We are a calligraphy art studio that creates personalized experiences using calligraphy for events and gifting. We also conduct online Modern Calligraphy workshops every month both in groups and privately!  This website stemmed from the idea of providing the best supplies for fellow calligraphers, who share the same passion as me. 

We are super elated to have you here and are looking forward to creating wondrous celebrations for you through personalization.